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MIME Consulting is a specialist consultancy focusing on the intelligent use of data to aid decision making. We offer a range of management information services, including data warehousing, analysis, visualisations and dashboard design. We also specialise in user-friendly software and website design to help automate data collection, analysis and reporting.

Bespoke data analysis and visualisation, research, surveys, audit and review of MI functions, as well as managed data services, onsite support and more.

Planning, design and development of online applications and websites, as well as traditional database applications and Excel models.

Skills Route is a portal to help young people understand the range of options that are available after finishing GCSEs, and what their choices mean for routes into higher education and their future career.

An easy to use, graphical report providing a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of a primary school, ranging from attainment and progress information, contextual analysis, attendance, financial and workforce.

A concise and visually attractive assessment of post-16 provision for schools and Local Authorities. Information ranges from headline attainment, subject value-added, contextual analysis, retention and much more.

A range of analysis services, including Post-16 Pupil Tracking and Curriculum Audits, that give local authorities and 14-19 partnerships an evidence base for strategic decision making in commissioning, RPA and more.

An online tracking system for Early Years children (the EYFS Tracker), Early Years grant management system, and data consultancy for Children's Centres.

Locality, cluster and other geographical analysis to assist Children's Trusts, Local Partnerships and other local bodies in resource allocation, commissioning decisions and impact assessments. Includes DataPix, our online geographical analysis tool.

Systems implementation and consultancy, plus development of stunning dashboard style analysis using Tableau, the market leading data visualisation tool.

Managed adult education MI services, inspection support, learner surveys, analysis dashboards and more.

Latest News

We're signing up pilot schools now for our three new Skills Route modules. Visit for more details.

What our clients say about our work...

"Your new Super School Profile is the best development I have seen anywhere. Just brilliant"
South London Link Inspector

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